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Napoleon and Paris (1799-1815). Urban metamorphoses
    Napoleon and Paris (1799-1815). Urban metamorphoses Exhibition from 15/05/2021 to 01/09/2021 An open-air exhibition on the railings of the Madeleine Church, telling the story of the transformations that took place in the capital during the First Empire. French title: “Napoléon et Paris (1799-1815). Métamorphoses urbaines”

Timeline of the Napoleonic era - 1799 - Napoleon & Empire
    Chronology of the Napoleonic epic - Timeline of years 1799. 9 janvier 1799" >9 January 1799 – Creation of a camel regiment. – 11 janvier 1799" >11 January 1799 – Joachim Murat gets the order to take hold of a village and kill all the men that he will not be able to capture. – 15 janvier 1799" >15 January 1799 – Napoleon Bonaparte once again urges Poussielgue to …

The 1799 Campaign in Italy - Napoleon Series
    Austria, Russia, the Ottoman Empire, Portugal, and Naples formed a coalition against France, which was joined by Britain on June 22nd 1799. Napoleon Bonaparte, at that time, was stuck with his army in Egypt. The British fleet, under Lord Nelson, had destroyed the French fleet at Abukir, thus cutting off Napoleon's communication with France.

The 1799 Campaign in Italy - Napoleon Series
    During Napoleonic period, the ancient fortifications had begun to be demolished. Ivrée (lvrea), on the Dora-Baltea, 8,000 inhab. A town encircled by walls and defended by a weak fortress and a Citadel. The Fort de Bard, on Dora-Baltea, fell by treason in 1799 but was hardly defended by Austrians in 1800. Later it was demolished by explosives.

Napoleon - Wikipedia
    Napoleon Bonaparte (born Napoleone di Buonaparte; 15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821), and later known by his regnal name Napoleon I, was a French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the French Revolution and led several successful campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars.He was the de facto leader of the French Republic as First Consul from …

The Genesis of Napoleonic propaganda, 1796-1799
    In this ground breaking publication, Wayne Hanley has combined book and web in a detailed discussion of Napoleon as journalist and propaganda master extraordinaire. Contents:Preface 1. Introduction 2. News from the Front: Bonapartes dispatches and the press3. For Morale or Propaganda? The Newspapers of Bonaparte4. Art as Bonaparte's tool of propaganda 5. The …

Timeline of the Napoleonic era - 1769-1788 - Napoleon
    15 August 1769 – Birth of Napoleon Bonaparte at Ajaccio (Corsica), in the Casa Buonaparte – the ancestral home of the Bonaparte family – from Carlo Maria (Charles-Marie) Buonaparte and Letizia (Laetitia) Ramolino. 1771 21 July 1771 – Baptism at the Ajaccio Cathedral .

Napoleon and the pope—what really happened in 1798?
    Abel Washington • 1 year ago. The Bible prophesied that the little horn on the beast would rule for 1260 years, and the Papacy was given rule in 538 AD, so with the 1260 years added, that takes us to the year 1798 when Napoleon had Bethier overthrow the Papal's kingdom. It would later heal it's wound and rise again.

Siege of Acre (1799) - Wikipedia
    The siege of Acre of 1799 was an unsuccessful French siege of the Ottoman city of Acre (now Akko in modern Palestine) and was the turning point of Napoleon's invasion of Egypt and Syria, along with the Battle of the Nile.It was Napoleon's third tactical defeat in his career, after three years previously being defeated at the Second Battle of Bassano and the Battle of Caldiero …

Why Napoleon Kidnapped One Pope After Another
    The church's warning shot was heard loud and clear in Napoleon's court. The French general Miollis, fearing a popular uprising in support of the pontiff, ordered his troops to move on the palace....

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