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1st Armored Division -
    May 13, 2011. WIESBADEN, Germany -- 1st Armored Division's commanding general Maj. Gen. Terry A. Wolff and Command Sgt. Maj. William Johnson case the division colors during a ceremony here today. After nearly 40 years in Germany, "Old Ironsides" headquarters, with approximately 700 Soldiers, will be moving to its new home in Fort Bliss, Texas.

1st Armored Division -
    February 2000 saw 1st Armored Division Headquarters announce the closure of military facilities in Bad Kreuznach and subsequent relocation to Wiesbaden scheduled for June 2001.

1st Armored Division in Germany - Mihalko family
    The division headquarters moved from Ansbach to Bad Kreuznach, and later on to Wiesbaden. POST DESERT STORM. UNIT DESIGNATION. LOCATION. HHC, 1st ARMORED DIVISION. Wiesbaden Army Airfield. The division headquarters is planned to relocate to Fort Bliss in 2011. 1ST BRIGADE. Ray Barracks, Friedberg.

1st Armored Division |
    1st Armored Division U.S. Army. Subordinate units. 1st Armored ... Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion. Headquarters and Support Company. Operations Company. Intelligence and Sustainment Company. ... Texas, United States 2001 - 2011 Lucius D. Clay Kaserne Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany... - 2001 Rose Barracks Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatinate ...

Wiesbaden ceremony marks 1st Armored Division …
    WIESBADEN, Germany --The uncasing of the “Old Ironsides” colors at Wiesbaden Army Airfield Dec. 18 officially marked 1st Armored Division’s return home from deployment in Iraq. DAVE MELANCON. Maj. Gen. Mark Hertling, commander of U.S. Army Europe's 1st Armored Division (left), and division Command Sgt. Maj. Roger Blackwood uncase the 'Old

1st Armored Division (United States) - Wikipedia
    In 2000, the 1st Armored Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team trained at the Grafenwoehr Training Area (GTA). In February 2000, 1st Armored Division Headquarters announced the closure of military facilities in Bad Kreuznach and its subsequent move to Wiesbaden scheduled for June 2001. The 1st Armored Division trained at HTA and GTA in three separate exercises in March …

1st Armored Division insignia in Wiesbaden, Germany ...
    By kjfitz @ 2006-12-17 12:14:04. @ 50.042522, 8.3272. Wiesbaden, Germany (DE) The 1st Armored Division —nicknamed “Old Ironsides”— is an armored division of the United States Army with base of operations in Wiesbaden, Germany. It was the first armored division of the U.S. Army to see battle in World War II.

Bad Kreuznach, Germany -
    During the summer of 2001 the 1st Armored Division headquarters relocated to Wiesbaden Army Airfield [WAAF] and by the end of the year, the 410th Base Support Battalion closed up …

1st Armored Division :: Fort Bliss, Texas
    The 1st Armored Division, nicknamed "Old Ironsides," is the oldest, most recognizable armor division in the United States Army. As part of the mechanization of the U.S. Army and the buildup for World War II, cavalry and reconnaissance units were brought together to form the 1st Armored Division, July 15, 1940, at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

1AD OIF Deployment and Force Structure Changes | …
    1st Armored Division headquarters, Wiesbaden, to a modified modular division. Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 141st Signal Battalion, Wiesbaden, to 1st AD

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