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Highway Patrol, starring Broderick Crawford - Articles,would%20be%20headquarters%20bye%2C%20or%20from%203310%20bye.

2150 to Headquarters … 10-4? « OpenCdA
    The program aired from 1955 to 1959 before being shelved and eventually returned to the air in syndication. His unit designation was 2150, and his signature radio sign-off after completing his radio traffic with Headquarters was, “21-50. 10-4?”

2150 to Headquarters Photograph by Tommy Anderson
    2150 to Headquarters is a photograph by Tommy Anderson which was uploaded on January 1st, 2014. PREV | NEXT 2150 to Headquarters Life of a …

" HIGHWAY PATROL " | 2150 to headquarters ****** 10-4
    2150 to headquarters ***** 10-4 . This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show content that is more relevant to your …

"2150 to headquarters" '55 Buick... - Calling All Cars
    "2150 to headquarters" '55 Buick Model68 Century with the 322ci 236hp Roadmaster engine and brakes. These were not available to the general public.. This …

Highway Patrol, starring Broderick Crawford - Articles
    In our authenticity we use code numbers when talking over the radio between cars and headquarters. When one officer calls another he uses his badge number. Dan Mathews is 2150 so his call would be 2150 to headquarters or 2150 to 3310 and the answer would be headquarters bye, or from 3310 bye.

Highway Patrol: 1957 | Shorpy Old Photos | Photo Sharing
    2150 to Headquarters. [The clowns at the circus, they're real funny, but on the highway they're murder! -Dan Mathews] Zoom | Log in or register to post comments; 2150 to Headquarters. Submitted by Vintagetvs on Wed, 07/29/2015 - 6:46pm.

Scale Survivors | "2150 to headquarters: in pursuit of an …
    "2150 to headquarters: in pursuit of an illegal hot rod driving at an excessive rate of speed near El Mirage! Set up road blocks along the highway! Ten-four?" #LittleDeuceCoupe #BuickCenturySpecial...

2150 - traduction Espagnol | Anglais-Espagnol |
    2150 to headquarters. 2150 a Cuartel. What if an old nation state, say, Australia, had decided not to join the World Government in 2150. ... From 2150 BC to 1 AD, it was the Age of Aries, the Ram and from 1 AD to 2150 AD it is the Age of Pisces, the age we are still in to this day.

AirWaves Communications - Kenwood Authorized Dealer
    Welcome To AirWaves Communications "2150 to Headquarters, this is way out in the AirWaves and get a command post set up.....this may take a while, looks like the site is under construction....and bring me a drink......2150 bye" 1957 Mercury Monterey owned by a principal of AirWaves, equipped with communications package of the era.

Highway Patrol Broderick Crawford 1955 Buick #1
    The first TV news profile on my car from 1996 based on my favorite show "Highway Patrol" ( starring Broderick Crawford, 10-4!Watch ...

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