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Shaw Air Force Base ARCENT Third Army Headquarters
    The high security ARCENT Third Army Headquarters comprises three components – the C2F (Command and Control Facility), the HHC (Headquarters, Headquarters Company) and the TEMF (Tactical Vehicle Maintenance Facility). The 320,000 square foot, two story C2F includes large plate open office spaces and has raised floor throughout the building, and supports 1,500 …

    3RD ARMY HEADQUARTERS FORT MCPHERSON, GA: Reunite With 4 Other Veterans | MILITARY UNITS - 3rd Army Headquarters Fort McPherson, GA Recognize these names from the 3rd Army Headquarters Fort McPherson, GA? * william foreman * juan dehoyos * tim moore * benny welch 3rd Army Headquarters Fort McPherson, GA Join Your Unit Today

Third US Army - unit histories
    Third United States Army Dare and Endure: World War II STANTON, S.L., World War II Order of Battle , Stackpole Books, Machanicsburg, PA, USA, 2006 (ISBN: 9780811701570)

Third Army Headquarters Atlanta GA? - VetFriends
    Third Army Headquarters Atlanta GA? * william foreman Third Army Headquarters Atlanta GA RECONNECTING = PRICELESS "When I Joined VetFriends, I read about the email locator service, and sent an email to my old friend. Fortunately he had also become a …

Patton’s Mobile Headquarters 3rd Army HQ in Europe
    In the center of the Third Army Headquarters were three shop vans referred to as caravans They were assigned to General Patton, General Hugh Gaffey, Chief of Staff and General Hobart Gay (Deputy Chief of Staff). They were heavily guarded by MP’s 24 hours a …

3rd Infantry Division - United States Army
    3rd Infantry Division is the Army's premier force for decisive action. We are disciplined, expeditionary, and lethal with our weapon systems. We focus on highly trained platoons and companies capable of rapidly answering our Nation's call. We do routine things to a high standard and are good stewards of resources. We honor our legacy by living the Army …

Timeline | U.S. Army Central
    Third Army establishes headquarters at Koblenz, Germany. JULY 2, 1919 Third Army deactivates in Germany, where it had served as part of the Allied Army of Occupation since the end of the war....

The Patton Society Research Library The Third Army in WWII
    Third Army was located in the Southeast section. It's headquarters alternated between Atlanta, Georgia and Fort Sam Houston, Texas. 1941 - 1943 Lt. Gen. Walter Kreuger From 1941 until 1943, the Third Army was commanded by Lieutenant General Walter Kreuger. General Kreuger made the Third Army the best training army in the United States.

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