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25th Division - Army of the Rapublic of Vietnam (ARVN),about%2020%20kilometers%20northwest%20of%20Quang%20Ngai%20City.

Army of the Republic of Vietnam - Wikipedia

Don 'SGT Snuffy' Smith's,%20LZ's%20&%20Predominant%20Terrain%20Features,%20Vietnam.pdf
    51st ARVN Headquarters 1971 51st ARVN BS965618 6640-4 51st LRP Relay - Bravo Relay 1968 51st LRP YT105235 6331-2 52nd Ranger HQ 1968 52nd Ranger YT275100 6430-4 53rd PF OP 1970 53rd PF BN120965 6632-3 55th RF Bn Barracks 1968 55th RF Bn XS764891 6330-4 58th TC Battalion Headquarters AT947816 6641-3

25th Division - Army of the Rapublic of Vietnam (ARVN)
    The 49th Regiment was initially located at the Thuan Hoa headquarters. The 50th Regiment was formed at Duc Pho, 40 kilometers south of Quang Ngai City on National Highway 1. The 51st Regiment was...

CHAPTER 8 The Tet Offensive at Da Nang - United …
    The ARVN 51st Regiment operating in the southern sector of the Da Nang area of operations came across evidence including documents pointing to a …

Team 2 ARVN 2nd Division | MACV Teams
    Team 2 was located in Quang Ngai Province and had its headquarters in Kramer Compound. ... consisted of a senior advisor, asst senior advisor a non-commissioned officer (Sargent) and an enlisted man RTO. On the ARVN side we usually had an interpreter and radio bearer or two. ... (initially was 7) Infantry Advisor at Mo Duc transferred to 1/51st ...

Team 1 Hoi An | MACV Teams
    Ha probably means Hoi An since that was the capital of Quang Nam province. The provincial MACV headquarters and the ARVN headquarters of the 51st Regiment were located there. All the advisors assigned to Quang Nam province were listed under the main HQs at Hoi An even when they were assigned to the other MACV teams (subsectors) in the province.

Divisions - Army of the Rapublic of Vietnam (ARVN)
    The creation of new units only stretched existing leadership and personnel resources. The regular ARVN divisions were triangular, normally having three regiments plus a cavalry squadron and two ...

Vietnamese Rangers - Wikipedia
    The VC first attacked the 2nd Battalion, 51st Infantry and then ambushed the 3rd Marine Battalion as it attempted to support the 2/51st forcing both units to retreat to Phuoc Loc. ... There were Ranger liaison platoons of 45 to 52 men assigned to each ARVN Corps/CTZ headquarters. They were supposed to ensure the "proper use" of the Rangers.

Insignia of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam - RVNHS
    The exact number of insignia designs employed by the Army of the Republic of Vietnam is unknown. Divisional level patches were established for formations at divisional level, the number of which varied between divisions. At most an ARVN army regiment could have a general regimental patch, a headquarters patch, a scout/reconnaissance/strike ...

Oral Histories About the Vietnam War From the US
    VNI-64: 51st ARVN Regiment This is documentation pertaining to an operation conducted on 10-12 July that was designed to relieve enemy pressure south of Da Nang. The operation produced 161 enemy KIA and uncovered large amounts of materiel. (After action report including battle narrative, op orders, and interview summary) VNI-65: Operation ...

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