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The 6669th Women's Army Corps Headquarters …

The Women's Army Corps
    Applications for the WAAC officer training program were made available at Army recruiting stations on 27 May, with a return deadline of 4 June. Applicants had …

Private Zenaida Johnson of the Women's Army Corp's …
    Description WAC Private First Class Zenaida Johnson, originally from New York, New York, works as a switchboard operator for the Fifth Army while stationed in the San Marco Area, Italy. She is a member of the 6669th WAC Headquarters platoon. Date (s) April 12, 1944

US 5th Army, 14 February 1944
    6669th WAC Headquarters Platoon (Provisional) AFHQ Units, attached to Special Troops Det/268th HQ & HQ Co, Interrogation of POWs (provisional) 305th Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment Detachment, AFHQ Censorship, Public Relations Office & Liaison Group Detachment, AFHQ, G-2Section

WAC reenactment Women's Army Corps Korpus Armijny …
    Nov 17, 2017 - WAC reenactment Women's Army Corps Korpus Armijny Kobiet USA Italy Wac in Sparanise, Italy 15 April 1944 6669th Headquarters platoon

US 5th Army in Italy, 3 January 1944
    2616th Engineer Utilities Platoon Band, 17th Field Artillery Regiment 22nd Quartermaster Car Company 541st, 542nd, 543rd, 547th & 549th Army Postal Units 101st Military Police Battalion 13th & 33rd Finance Disbursing Section 6669th WAC Headquarters Platoon (Provisional) Det/51st Signal Battalion 63rd Signal Battalion - attached:

US 5th Army, 22 May 1944
    6736th Headquarters Company (provisional) 6669th Women's Army Corps Headquarters Platoon 232nd Army Band 245th Army Band 693rd AAA Machine Gun Battery 2616th Engineer Utilities Platoon (Provisional) 13th, 33rd, 48th & 49th Finance Disbursing Sections 53rd & 61st MP Companies (Post, Camp & Station) 1 Platoon, B Co, 101st Military Police Battalion

Patches in action: Photos of SSI being worn by the troops.
    WAC T/5 Daisy E. Jessup of Bremerton, Washington, of the 6669th WAC Headquarters platoon checks to see that all the clothes on the rack are hanging neatly before leaving for her work with the Fifth Army, which is stationed in the San Marco Area, Italy. April 11, 1944 seanmc1114 Member 6,518 Location: Reynolds, GA #4380 Posted February 10, 2020

Platoon of the Tjakrabirawa palace guard going through manual …
    Platoon of Tjakrabirawa or Cakrabirawa palace guard demonstrating manual of arms. Shows faces of soldiers in ranks of the presidential bodyguard unit for President Sukarno. Commander giving orders. Men fix bayonets and present arms. This historic stock footage available in HD video. View pricing below video player.

Former Headquarters Koninklijke Paketvaart-Maatschappij
    This building was used as Imperial Japanese Navy headquarters during the occupation. Do you have more information about this location? Inform us! Source. Text: Kaj Metz; Photos: Gunawan Kartapranata; Where is it?-6.175039, 106.831044. Nearby. Museum Great General Dr. Abdul Haris Nasution Museum - Jakarta ...

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