Duragal steel is a well-known brand in the steel industry. Duragal has been in business for over 50 years. They are a trusted brand for high-quality steel products including structural and engineering steels, with the perfect blend of strength and durability. They manufacture a wide range of steel products, including Duragal steel beams, Duragal steel posts, and much more. This company is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible products and services. If you're looking for high-quality steel products, then Duragal is the brand for you!

History and ativity

Duragal steel was founded in 1965 by two engineers, David and Geoff Durack. The company started out as a small business, but it quickly grew into one of the leading suppliers of steel products in Australia. Today, Duragal is a trusted brand with a reputation for quality and durability. They manufacture a wide range of steel products, including beams, posts, panels, and more.


Duragal steel is a brand of structural, tool and stainless steel that has been designed for maximum durability. It is made to withstand the harshest environments and heaviest loads without breaking down. Duragal steel is also resistant to rusting and cracking making it a great choice for outdoor applications like bridges, fences or marine structures.

Each type has its own unique characteristics that make it suitable for certain applications. For example: Structural steel is strong enough to support large buildings while tool steel can be used in the production of blades or cutting tools. Duragal produces all three types with durability being their primary goal!

Durability refers to how long a material lasts before breaking down due to wear and tear over time; this could mean rusting if exposed to moisture or cracking from repeated impacts like hammer blows on metal objects such as nails hammered into wood boards during construction activities at home DIY projects.

Production facilities

Duragal has two production facilities in South Africa. One is based at Newcastle (KZN) and another one which produces the most popular products, Duragal RHS (rectangular hollow section tubing), angle sections, or other types of prefabricated steel shapes as well as flat-bar stock.

The facility located near Pretoria also makes metal roofing profiles for residential use with various colors available depending on what you want! They manufacture galvanized purlins too – these are used to support rafters during construction work so they don’t sag under their own weight plus some more structural components such as sheets/plates that come pre-galvanized before being cut into desired lengths according to customer specifications.

Another key product that this factory manufactures is gates and fencing – both the automated type for businesses as well as manual fences for domestic use. So if you need a new gate or fence, don’t go any further than Duragal steel!


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